by Apep

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Music by Apep (O. Pikowski, M.Friedrich, C. Fleckeisen)

Bass guitar played by Exx Tom
Mix and master by Jean-Michel Lehr.


released February 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Apep Zwickau, Germany


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Track Name: Whisperers in Darkness
Old forgotten tales told us
to beware of the round hills
crowned by certain stone circles
shunned all along

In the floods of the thaw
organic shapes of unknown nature
slowly rotting in the waters
The debris of the unnatural beeings

Obscured by thick darkness
Deep mounds shuttered with strange stones
Strange fungoid creatures.
They hide from us

Since the dawn of civilisation


Beyond the red lit caverns of Yoth
They collect the matter from the stone.

To the darkness of the Yuggoth
They're travelling across the void
And taking their adepts with them
Whose brains are caught in cylindres

They walk among us! (Olli + Flecki)
But we can't see!
They walk among us!

They hide among us! (Olli + Flecki)
We can't reveal!
They hide among us!
Track Name: Banishing of Chaos
The dawn of day, the day of gods
when chaos and light forever fought
unseen terror will end the world
the wrath of god is getting cold

Cut off the head
head of the snake
apophis bleeds
cut off the head
head of the snake
apophis bleeds, this one forsake

He shall be without eyes
He shall have no nose
He shall be without his ears

This night we will be in duat
in the obscured mouth of the dark
The god Ra will set us free
but his wrath will bring no peace


Embodied by a giant serpent
willing to devour the light
to drown the world in darkness and terror
The deepest abyss of the nun